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We have a vast range of designer frames for adults and children in a variety of designs and colours, covering every specialised need.


Lindberg eyewear frames from Yperorasi in Paros Lindberg - Prescription and sunglasses frames made from titanium Eyewear frames for men, women and children by Lindberg Designer prescription and sunglasses frames in Paros

In our shop you will find Lindberg frames by the Dutch frames company that makes high quality frames from pure titanium. Come to see for yourself this category of frames that have been awarded for their pioneering design (joints without screws), their comfort and strength.

The solid titanium construction guarantees hypoallergenic surfaces, minimal weight and high durability. Their construction is personalised, as each user can order them in the unique combination of colours and shapes he wishes.

The Linderg prescription frames are the ideal solution for children as it ensures a hassle-free eyeware solution. The Lindrberg frames come with a 2-year warranty.

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Prescription lenses at the optical shop Yperorasi at Paros

At Yperorasi we investigate each customer’s needs individually, so we can recommend the best and most up-to-date solutions among specialised options for prescription lenses.

Developments in technology have widened the range of prescription lenses, whether correcting long or short sight or their combination.

Designer products that guarantee perfect vision, maximum protection from harmful radiation (UVA, UVB, BLUE LIGHT), as well as the best aesthetic result.

You will also be informed about personalised solutions for your sunglasses, relating to both protection and fashion.

Our experience and specialisation in the sector of multifocal lenses, combined with the high quality of the products and the warranty process, will ensure a pleasant and successful use of your multifocal spectacles.

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Many brands of contact lenses from Yperorasi in Paros

In our shop you will be able to find the full range of the ALCON and COOPER VISION contact lenses. You will find daily or monthly disposable contact lenses that can correct astigmatism, as well as multifocal contact lenses.

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